Bay Ridge Diner – May 31

IMG_3396 We have a backlog of Bay Ridge Diners to report on, so hang onto your kaiser rolls and follow us through an egg & cheese on a roll – fueled tour of what our local eateries have to offer.

Seriously, is there anything more New York than this portable breakfast?  Of course not.  AndIMG_3395 Bay Ridge Diner delivers big on this.  Decent rolls, eggs fresh and hot, and oh yes, we got it with hash browns slapped on ’em.  If you’ve not made a habit of this starch on starch indulgence yet, get thee to a diner that will acquiesce and frigging dig in.  And Bay Ridge Diner does it.  On top of that, your meal is served on these crazy colorful fiesta-ware wannabes that can’t help but make you smile.  Like most diners in the Ridge, the coffee is meh, but drinkable, making it practically gourmet compared to some of the swill we’ve tasted at other establishments.  But how do they score on the sammich?  I’d give it a very respectable 7/10.

And here is what happens when inflatable pants dummies are left alone on a street bench in this conservative enclave of Brooklyn.  Oh, won’t someone think of the children!IMG_3398