Chocolate, chocolate, everywhere

….but especially in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Now chocolates are not our usual talking point, but given we are occasional patrons of this local business, it occurred to us we should comment about it. They’re local after all! So here we are, let’s talk:

IMG_0623Deliso Confections at 278 87th Street [off 3rd Avenue] is a teeny-tiny spot…. but oh boy do they know how to make delicious hand-made, specialty chocolates right there
on the premises.

We like them so much we think that you all should visit…. and tell your friends to visit too. Damn it go and buy some for Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or both.

The box below is what we bought on our most recent visit…. full of delicious goodness, but including vegan peanut buttercups and sea salt caramels. Yum. We give them a whopping 9/10 for friendly service and excellent products!


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