Great Expectations

Seriously, we expected great things from our next candidate, Hinsch’s. It seems like it’s been around since forever, near the corner of 86th Street and 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Not too long ago it closed ‘for renovation’ but we thought it’d gone for good. We were wrong and were delighted when it reopened, only to be horrified that the new owners had ripped down the original exterior signage, including a classic neon hanging sign on the side of the building. In its place is a bland, ugly, not even close replica. A sad day…. or so we thought….


However, we’re here to report on the breakfast, right? So let’s tuck in.

It was good. We can say that right off the bat. Again we opted for the egg, cheese and potato on a roll option.

Firstly, the service was excellent, the coffee was – wait for it – a big fat meh. We think our usual coffee tipple of organic Sumatran, freshly ground and brewed French-style in a cafetière [French press on these shores], is setting the bar a little high for local diners. But still, meh is meh.

So, the sandwich. It was very fine. It was very filling. The potato was tasty, the egg and cheese part excellent, but the roll let it down slightly, tending to soften too much well before we were through.

That said, we pretty much skipped lunch since there was so much. Great value too. Just $4.00 and $1.50 for the coffee. Despite the roll and the meh, we’re going to give Hinsch’s a 7.5/10.

Well worth a visit, but don’t look at the horrendous signage.


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