The Diner Special Event!

Okay, it’s not that much of a special event. It’s more of an experiment and taste test.

Here’s what it is: We’re taste-testing the American simple breakfast classic, Egg & Cheese on a roll. Simple, right? There are a number of classic diners in our neighborhood, that just deserve to be subjected to this test. The bonus (or otherwise) for us, is we get to do the testing.

In the following posts we’ll be reporting back on the absolutely best, top drawer, superlative Egg and Cheese on a roll. Now, we can vary this slightly…. but only very slightly. We’ll allow for the inclusion of potato from time to time and this breakfast will always come with coffee, natch!

We’ll post interior and exterior shots of the places we visit along with shots of the sumptuous fare we’ll be eating…. and make recommendations for you to check out for yourselves, should you choose to take up this challenge. Your call.

We have a few places in the can already. So as soon as any of us get our act together to collect the images off our iPhones and put fingers to keyboards, you’ll be able to make judgements yourselves.



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